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World Backup Day: The Importance of Regularly Backing Up Your Data

Worrying about losing data isn’t something you have to lose sleep over if you have an active data backup strategy. March 31st is World...

Tips On How to Reduce Your Mobile Data Consumption

In this digital era, we find ourselves browsing the internet more often than before. We constantly need to keep updated on the current events,...
netflix traffic safaricom

Netflix Traffic on Safaricom Up 4 Times Due to Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay home for longer and that has led to a strain on services. This is shown quite well...
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Safaricom Acknowledges They are Experiencing Network Issues

Safaricom, Kenya's biggest telecommunications operator has tonight confirmed that they are experiencing network challenges that are affecting some of their services
safaricom platinum glitch

Kenyans Take Advantage of Safaricom’s ‘Glitch’ to Get Free Data

Networks are not perfect and sometimes glitches happen where the system fails to operate normally. Sometimes, these glitches lead to people taking advantage of...
safaricom new pricing voice data sms

Safaricom’s New Prices for Calls, SMS and Mobile Data

Yesterday, Safaricom announced that they had reviewed their prices for services that they offer which was due to the Finance Act 2018 which added...

Safaricom Increases Voice, Data, SMS Cost Following Finance Law

Safaricom has formally announced that they have reviewed their prices for various services they offer thanks to the recently passed Finance Act of 2018. In...
Aldo Mareuse Telkom Kenya

Building Modern Networks Key to Harnessing Kenya’s Data Opportunity

Kenya’s mobile industry growth is largely driven by data and will catapult the industry to deliver even more value-added services. by Aldo Mareuse.

Safaricom FY2017: Data and M-Pesa Were Safaricom’s Biggest Earners

According to the just released financials, Safaricom's gains have been attributed to Data services and M-Pesa. Gone are the days that telcos would make...
Database Management

Opinion: Database Management Is a Real Necessity

Databases are no longer simply a storage facility.

Reddit’s CEO revealed they receive requests for data by government agencies

One of the key highlights that I talked about on what you expect in the social media front for this year is the issue...

How to Overcome Various Kernel Panic Issues on Mac OS X

Mac OS X is based on one of the most stable architecture of the operating systems. It is a Unix-based operating system from Apple,...
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Unusual Events Causing Data Loss on Mac; Need Recovery

In some unusual situations like you unfortunately got some water splashed over your Mac, got it power down all of a sudden, got some...

KPMG Capital Formed to Accelerate Innovation in Data and Analytics

KPMG International has launched an investment fund - KPMG Capital -in an effort to accelerate innovation in data and analytics (D&A). KPMG International member...

Safaricom Sambaza data bundles “Internet Sambaza” is finally here

Safaricom, the largest mobile network operator in Kenya, always gets the requests of services changes and improvements from subscribers before others, mainly because it’s...
Google drive vs Dropbox

Google Drive vs. Dropbox: The Battle of Cloud Storage

Who needs an external hard drive? The shift to "cloud" storage has changed the way we store and access files. When something is stored in...
Orange domino modem

Orange Domino Wi-Fi modem now available in Kenya

Orange announced availability of their "Domino" Huawei E5  modem Wi-Fi modem that can support upto 5 users. This device has a transmitting radius of...

Data centres: go dense, go green and go fast

Until recently, energy was a no-brainer. That is, it was perceived as unlimited and was relatively inexpensive, resulting in no need for technological breakthrough....
Green key

Why you should use Green IT, green is clean

Opinion Article By Neil Rasmussen, senior vice president: APC by Schneider Electric As an increasing number of companies make reducing carbon emissions a key part...

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