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rwanda drone

How Rwanda Uses Drones in Fight Against Coronavirus

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic is a multi-sector approach and it involves treatment, containment, information and production of a vaccine. Currently, governments are...
nokia drone

Nokia Has Filed Trademark Name For Their Drones

Nokia is known for selling some of the most popular phones of all time, but they are also known in the network business as...

Facebook’s Solar Powered Drone for Beaming Internet Made a Successful Maiden Flight

Facebook has always iterated that they want to connect the unplugged members of our society to the internet who in fact are estimated to...

Drone Hits a British Airways Plane, Exposing the Lurking Danger

Drones are unmanned flying aircraft operated by remote controls, and users do not require any special licenses to operate. Drones have become popular world over,with...

Man Fined for flying Drone Over Stadiums during UEFA and Premier League Matches

Drones have become a huge part of the mainstream, its hard to ignore them. There is Dronestagram, a community that is focused on drone...