Drones Were Used To Make This Video Of Various Scenic Locations in Africa

This is cool


We are living in an era where photos and videos have become the norm rather than being an activity done by a select few. Social networks have emerged in the last decade or so where they focus on providing these features to the pubic like uploading photos and videos or sharing them as well.

One of the best things about social media networks is how they have enabled people to share videos they have taken with various gear for people to see. They could have recorded it via their smartphones, dedicated video cameras or even drones. Speaking of drones, they have become quite the catch in recent times thanks to their ability to shoot aerial cinematic video which noticeably looks more epic than the terrestrial videos we take with other tools.

This is what Naudewashere did with his project, where he says it involved the use of several drones (DJI Phantom 4, Inspire 1, Phantom 2s with GoPro 3 and 4). “This video was shot over the course of 3 years in various destinations all over Africa,” he says on the video caption, “It shows a unique perspective of Africa and the many wonders she holds.”

From the video, it displays scenic shots of rivers, deserts, swampy areas, capes, parks and oceans from the drone’s point of view. The cameras on the drones have a pretty wide field of view which is important to showcase the entire scene in a dramatic way.

It is quite awesome to see such productions uploaded by people on platforms like Vimeo (which is used by indie filmmakers a lot). Back at home, we have seen such productions like the one done by Xixo Collective where they made a timelapse of Nairobi during the day and night.