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Kenyan Tech Mentorship Organization, KamiLimu, Shortlisted for Changing Lives Regional Award

Tech mentorship non-profit organization, KamiLimu, has been shortlisted for the Changing Lives Regional Award. The award is hosted by the East Com Conference and...
Dr. Chao Mbogo

KamiLimu Complements Classroom Learning with Mentorship to Foster Global Competitiveness

Did you know that mentorship is cited as one of the core factors that effectively complements classroom learning? Research has shown that mentorship alongside...
pivot East Fireside Chat

Education a huge focus point in today’s Technology Solutions

"IT is not an industry on it's own, it's an enabler that cuts across all sectors, it is a very integral part of each...
Toni Marvaglia at the Edtech Meetup

Interview with Toni Maraviglia, CEO of MPrep

  Toni Maraviglia is quite a busy lady. To get us some time for this interview I had to fit in her calendar, luckily there...