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HTC One X and One X+ won’t be getting any more software updates

Let us all act surprised and pretend that we did not see this one coming. HTC confirmed in a rather not-so-official fashion that indeed its...
Iphone 5 rivals

What new phones rival the iPhone 5?

The mobile phone market has enjoyed a long period of technological advancement that has boosted the mobile phone from being a mere communication device...
Galaxy S III vs iPhone 5

Galaxy S III does better than iPhone 5, HTC One X in consumer reports

Samsung is still making headlines with it's flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S III which has not gotten enough of the wowing to media,...

HTC to stay away from low-end devices, says CEO Peter Chou

HTC wants to stay focused on mid-to high end devices and stay away from the low end devices, said HTC CEO Peter Chou in...