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Hot S vs S2 Pro

Infinix Hot S vs Infinix S2 Pro: What Difference One Year Makes

When the HOT S was released some time last year, we thought it was the "special one". A device that was good, yet Sally...

Infinix Hot S Review: The Special one?

This was probably the first Infinix that I really enjoyed using. I'm sure by now you have seen or read in countless places  how...

First impressions of the Infinix Hot 4

I thought we had seen this year’s Infinix Hot device through the Hot 3 and Hot 3 LTE. Obviously, I was wrong as have...

It’s Here, First Impression of the Infinix Hot S 4G/LTE

It’s raining Infinixes my friends! Let’s do a count here, so far this year, I have reviewed the Infinix Hot 3, Infinix Hot 3 LTE,...