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Top 20 Kenya Influencers

Influencer Survey: Top 20 Kenyan Influencers Impacting Gen Z and Millennials

Based on a recent survey, nine in every 10 millennials and Gen Z believe influencers play a role in their decision making. The data...

Minneapolis Hires Social Media Influencers to Dispel Fake News During George Floyd’s Case

Remember the May 2020 George Floyd death story that sent the online world into a frenzy? The case of Floyd, who died in the...
Instagram vulnerability

Public Suicide Post on Instagram Prompts Denmark to Regulate the Influencer Space

Just how much power does a digital influencer command? How serious, or to what extent do we align to the message passed by influencers...
Instagram Feed

Your Instagram Feed Is About to Get a Whole Lot Messier – Here’s Why

If you thought your Instagram feed is getting bad with ads after every three or four posts, it's about to get worse with this...
twitter money

Twitter Wants To Share Revenue With Influencers

YouTube should be weary of this

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