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Kenyan Opposition Politician Among High Value Users Targeted by Hackers in Fixed iPhone Security Flaw

No one is safe. If you thought only Android users were prone to such, think again.

Opera Sync May Have Been Hacked, Opera Advises Users to Change Passwords

Check if you are affected and take the appropriate action.

WhatsApp End-to-End Encryption is Now Live but Ultimately, Security Starts with You

“Security starts with you” is a controversial statement attributed to an advertisement featuring President Kenyatta in the media at the height of terrorist attacks...

The 2nd Edition of Africa Hackon: How it Went Down

The 2015 Africa Hackon, which was in its second edition after last year's edition, brought together information security experts and anyone interested in information...

Newly Found Security Flaw Poses Threat to Millions of Samsung Phones

Samsung flagship devices have packed the company's own keyboards all along. With somebody else providing a better keyboard experience elsewhere thanks to advanced word...

You Should Be Changing Your Lastpass Master Password Right Now

Those things that we were excited about after watching the pilot of new television show Mr Robot? They're real. What happens to you when the...