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Kenya Retains Lucrative Seat at the International Telecommunication Union

At the start of April this year, we learned that Kenya had launched a bid for re-election to two key positions in international ICT...

Kenya Launches Bids For Re-election to Key Global ICT Positions

Kenya has launched its bid for re-election to two key positions in international ICT organizations. The country is eyeing another term at the International Telecommunication...

Transsion Computing Photography System Standard Approved by ITU

Transsion Holdings announced their successful submission of "computing photography system which is a huge milestone for them. Transsion Holdings owns brands like TECNO and...

ITU Ratifies Standard for Interoperability of Personal Medical Devices

ITU (International Telecommunications Union) has approved the networking specification for personal medical devices. ITU-T H.810 provides guidelines for interoperability, sharing and use of data...
Girls In ICT

ITU launches web portal to assist girls access ICT training

Girls in ICT is the new portal launched today by ITU(International Telecommunication Union) with the aim to help girlsbetween age 11-25 access training, jobs and...

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