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Galaxy Note III

Samsung has sold 38 million Galaxy Note devices

Samsung CEO today gave information on how the devices from the Galaxy Note range are performing. And they are impressive! 38 million is the...
htc first

Facebook working with Samsung after HTC First fail

HTC First is not selling as well as the guys over at Facebook would love it to, and it's their baby, just like the...
Tizen OS

Samsung to out first Tizen Smartphone in Q3 2013 – J.K Shin

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, Samsung's global head of mobile J. K. Shin revealed that Samsung will be releasing a Tizen based...
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung “Accidentally” reveals the Galaxy Note 8

In the process of announcing a Valentine's device specifically for the Korea market, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE in Red version, Samsung included...
Samsung vs Apple

Samsung’s J.K Shin: settling with Apple not on our minds

Apple and HTC settled on a licensing deal after HTC sought a Patent settlement with Apple recently. HTC's settlement could see them paying a...