Facebook working with Samsung after HTC First fail

htc first

htc first

HTC First is not selling as well as the guys over at Facebook would love it to, and it’s their baby, just like the first Nexus device from Google was. Facebook had hoped to have something similar running with the inception of the HTC First. This device is preloaded with an application that is developed by Facebook called Facebook Home, basically makes Facebook own your phone’s homepage with anything else seeming as another option.

This might not be going well with users who seem reluctant to adopt it. Even after making Facebook Home availble on Android with support for Samsung’s Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II. i personally didn’t even instll it. Well, seems Zuck is trying his hopes somewhere else and has taken his sails and fishing nets to the far East.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO is said to have met Samsung Electronics President J.K Shin to explore partnership opportunities. He did not comment on the intention of his journey to the East, Facebook also declined to comment, but speculation has it that they are trying to leverage on the position of Samsung as the Android leader in the global market to have a second go at Facebook Home.

This could include an overhaul that will see the application either take a backstage or share the stage with other apps in a way that it’s not obtrusive. The overhaul will add a tray for favourite non-facebook apps to remove the rigidity of the Facebook Home.

This will follow expanding the Facebook Home to other smartphones and improve on integration with the smartphone. What do you think, would you be looking forward to a smartphone that has integration the way Google has with their services?

Source: Bloomberg