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Saudi Arabia May Have Hacked the World’s Richest Man’s Phone Through an Infected WhatsApp File

Sometime in late 2018, the world was swarmed with the news of the death of a Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi who, at that...

Lets Talk About Facebook’s 10 Year Challenge

The Facebook 10 Year challenged has been trending this past week with people sharing photos from what they looked like in 2009 and now....
Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is World’s Richest Person as Bill Gates Slips to Second

Alright. I will admit that I did not see this coming, but so are most of you who do not have a fine grasp...

12 Inspiring Quotes from World Celebrated Tech Founders

The quote reigning supreme today is "No matter what road you are walking on right now, your dreams are valid." Forget that for a...