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This Kenyan project is on course to be funded on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a great place to realize your dreams which is financed by total strangers. Hundreds of thousands of projects have been founded by...
Afro sneakers kickstarter

A Kenyan has started a Kickstarter project to fund a sheep leather sneaker line

Kickstarter is the perfect place to find cool stuff that companies or individuals want to raise money so as to make them a reality....
Skarp razor blade

This Kickstarter Campaign Attempts to Revolutionize the Razor with Lasers

Skarp Technologies wants to reinvent the humble razor blade. The normal razor blade of course uses the normal stainless steel blades but the company...

Kickstarter Campaign Aims to Fund a Feminist Colouring Book

One Seattle based writer, Ijeoma Oluo has started a Kickstarter campaign where she aimed to fund her project “Badass Feminist Colouring Book” for...

Kickstarter hits $1 billion mark in pledges

Kickstarter launched back in April 2009 with a backing of $10 million from angel investors. On the day of its launch, 7 projects were...