Tag: Mobile Roaming

Safaricom Slashes Data Roaming Charges in 52 Countries

Safaricom customers will be able to enjoy reduced data roaming rates at the rate of Kshs. 14 per MB in over 52 countries.

This June, East African Countries Adopt Lower Roaming Rates

Except for Kenya, every other East African nation taxes cross border calls. Burundi levies Sh 13 per call, Tanzania Sh 10, Rwanda Sh 9...

Law Makers in Netherlands Make it Possible to Get Carrier-Free SIM Cards

Most countries in the world outlaw the use of carrier-free SIM cards. The Netherlands has however turned tables on this practice, residents in the...

Mobile Data Roaming Will Rise to 47% by 2018

Global mobile data roaming accounted for 36% for all mobile roaming revenues. Juniper research projects an increase to 47% by 2018 which would see...

European Commission Net Neutrality Campaign To End Mobile Roaming Fees in Europe by 2014

European Commission (EC) vice president Neelie Kroes has unveiled plans to end mobile roaming charges. The new legislation is an effort towards net neutrality...