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mobile phone usage

High Mobile Sector Taxation in Kenya Cause of Reduced Usage and Lower Revenue -Report

Kenya's mobile sector has experienced significant changes in taxation in recent years, impacting both consumers and the government's revenue. The excise duty on mobile...
kenyans enjoy faster lte speeds than Wi-Fi

Kenyans Enjoy Faster Speeds on Mobile Than on WiFi

There are two popular ways people connect to the internet using their Internet ready devices: WiFi or mobile networks. The installed Wi-Fi could be...
ca report q3 2017-2018

Kenya Mobile Penetration Closing on to 100%, CyberAttacks Decline

The Communications Authority of Kenya recently released their statistical report about the industry's performance for the January-March 2108 quarter. It is filled with some...
Mobile charging

Charging Through Time: The Evolution of Mobile Charging

You won’t dare leave your home without it—the mobile phone charger is essential to one’s everyday life. After all, people nowadays have a constant...
Gaming predictions

2016 Gaming Trends, Predictions Versus Outcomes So far

Analysts, publishers and game developers have made some interesting predictions and have given some logical thoughts on the gaming trends that we will be...
Plants vs Zombies

Top 5 Social Gaming Apps By Downloads

The most inevitable parts of your daily life are moments of dead time or downtime where you have virtually nothing to do and look...
Facebook image editor doodle

Facebook adds a Doodling Editing Option on Photos

Adding a comment overlay on a picture is not news. Many dedicated photo editors allow you to doodle over images using your own handwriting...

YouTube Priority is Now Mobile, Music Subscription Service to be Launched Later This Year

YouTube’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki talked about an upcoming launch of YouTube Music Key, a music subscription service and its priority will be “mobile mobile...
Dropbox Hacked

7 Ways Apps Have Taken Over Our Lifestyles

In a lot of ways our dependence on our smartphones has made life a lot easier for everyone. Suddenly we don’t have to worry...

Type “Find my phone” on Google to Locate Lost Android Device

Finding your misplaced or lost Android phone has just become easier. Google, on Wednesday 15th April 2015, announced a new phone-finding feature for Android...
80 Days

5 Great Apps For Unorthodox Gamers

There's a repetitive nature to app gaming that makes it difficult to know which games are worth downloading, and which would be best avoided....
Brothers in arms

5 Exciting Games to Play in 2015 on Your Mobile Device

2014 was a great year for mobile gamers, with extremely addictive titles such as Minecraft, The Walking Dead: Season 2, Clash of the Clans...
Japanese gamers

Japan’s Mobile Gamers Make Asian Market Strongest in the World

With billions spent on mobile games, even casino operators have taken notice. When we look at the Top Grossing Paid apps on both the...
Huawei Headquarters

Huawei Grew 40% Year Over Year In 2014, Misses Sales Target

Huawei experienced good growth last year, and especially in the last quarter of the year. The company that has been third for sometime now...

3 Internet-Based Programs To Manage Money From Anywhere

With the global unemployment rate remaining high in the last few years, pinching cents and keeping a tight budget is as crucial as ever. You’ve...

Lamudi Takes Property Search To The Android App And Gets More Personal

Lamudi is a property portal with exclusive focus on emerging markets, they reckon these are the untapped markets and want to capitalize on the...
swallowed phone

Viral Video: South African Man Probably Tried To Swallow Evidence, Phone Stuck In Throat Removed

Video that was uploaded some to years ago has now gone viral after it was re-discovered by LiveLeak has a man with a phone...
Pivot East 2013

Pivot East Opens Event Ticket Sale At $200 With Limit of 250 Attendees

Pivot East Event tickets are now open for sale online at the event website. The event is slated to attract a rich audience of investors and industry players.
OLX Android App

5 Things You Need To Know When Using OLX

OLX is now almost a household name in Kenya after a serious campaign in the media to create awareness. There are people who will...
smartphone addiction

5 Signs You are Addicted To Your Smartphone

Yes. Smartphone addiction. It exists. Maybe you already know you are addicted or know someone who is. Here are 5 telltale signs that indicate you...
Whatsapp growth

Here’s Why Facebook Paid $19 Billion for Whatsapp

By now you have heard the silly joke: Why should Facebook sink in $19 Billion for WhatsApp when it can be downloaded for free?...

Six month old Startup changing lives of small Kenyan businesses via SMS

African slum dwellers spend 60% of their daily income on food. Compare this to the average household in the US where food expenses account...
Mobile Cloud Processing

Optimization Of Offloading Strategies In Mobile Cloud Computing

Could computing security has gathered a lot of attention in recent times, but some key areas of progress are still being neglected. One such...
Smartphones for business

Has the mobile phone evolved to be the standalone business tool yet?

Mobile phones in business have reached impressive new levels of practicality. Internal and external communications have been revolutionized in forward thinking businesses; information and...
MWEA2013 logo

Third Mobile Web East Africa Conference coming to Nairobi

Mobile Web East Africa is back, with a bang. This is one interactive event that hosts players in the mobile ecosystem in Africa, hosted...
Galaxy S III Cases

The Coolest Cell Phone Cases You Can Buy

Cell phone cases are as important as the device itself. No matter what the manufacturer states about the quality of the build, almost every...
Mobile apps enterprise

Why Your Business Should Utilize Mobile Apps

Over the course of the last few years mobile phone apps have not only become globally known, but they have become a way of life...

Samsung Galaxy Music GT-S6010 introduced

Samsung has announced the launch of GALAXY Music which a new Smartphone that offers outstanding sound quality and a music player with fabulous...
Online Shopping

Speaking e-commerce, meet onlineshopping.co.ke

The e-commerce industry in Kenya is a growing one, quite young. We are yet to see the boom and response from users that has been...

What do you know about Firefox OS?

Some wind has passed that we are soon going to be seeing the Firefox OS for smartphones and the tablet computers. For those of us...
INMOBI Telco Infographic

Kenyans generally looking for better network services [INFOGRAPHIC]

According to an infographic done by mobile ad network INMOBI, 23% of mobile subscribers are unhappy about high prices of calls (including hidden charges),...

Windows Intune brings in “Bring Your Own Device strategy”.

 Microsoft has of lately acknowledge its best interests to offer third party devices which in its priority includes Apple iOS based devices and Google...
LG Optimus 3D

How secure is your data on Mobile devices?

If an unsecure enterprise mobile device is lost or stolen, its owner can do nothing to ensure the safety of the data stored on...

Apple iPhone 4S Siri Ruby hack Plugin

“Siri” Apple iPhone 4S app which can only be used commercially only in Canada and USA is under hack. It has been hacked using one...

USB Stick Contains Dual-Core Computer, Turns Any Screen into an Android Station

Think of powerful portable cellphones and tablets are the future of mobile computing?, how about a small usb-stick sized computing powerhouse with dual-core 1.2-GHz...

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