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Nokia fully acquires Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks is now a full Nokia outfit after Nokia today announced in a press release that it has completed the acquisition of...
Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia to buy Siemens stake in Nokia Siemens Networks by Q3

Nokia is still yet to get anywhere near it's former glory in terms of huge revenues for the handset business. The turnaround might take...
Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks to tackle power outages by fuel cell power back-ups

Nokia Siemens wants to develop a solution for power blackouts affecting mobile networks base stations and are testing fuel cell backup. NSN is working...
Airtel 3G

Nokia Siemens to expand Airtel’s 2G and 3G networks in Africa

Nokia Siemens Networks has signed an agreement with Airtel to expand, deploy and manage the telco's 2G and 3G networks in seven African countries,...
Liquid Net

Nokia Siemens Launches new Broadband technology Liquid Net

Nokia Siemens Networks earlier today launched a new product called Liquid Net for Broadband delivery. This will see operators set up their networks to self-adapt...
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Nokia Siemens Networks study reveals Kenya’s potential in telecoms largely untapped

Kenya has seen remarkable growth in the telecoms sector and has taken a position as a “testing ground for innovative services and offerings” largely...

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