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Stop Using These Common and Weak Passwords in 2021

It's 2021 or at least the year is ending and people are still using dumb and more common passwords to secure their online accounts. Malicious...

Manutd, Liverpool, blink182 and More Passwords You Should Stop Using

Manutd, Liverpool and Blink 182 are some of the passwords you should stop using according to a survey done by the UK's National Cyber...

Facebook Stored Passwords of Millions of Users in Plain Text For Years

Millions of Facebook users had their passwords stored in plain text and were searchable by Facebook employees, as Krebs on Security reports. Apparently from Facebook's...
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Microsoft Moves to a Password Free Future for Microsoft Services

The password is one of those problematic things that we have to use to login to our online accounts. Although the password is used...

Facebook Wants To Rival Email In Account Recovery

It is not uncommon to forget your password and one of the channels that we use to reset our passwords is through email. A...

People Still Used Dumb Passwords Like ‘123456’ or ‘google’ in 2016

The list of the most common passwords used by people hardly never changes and it is shown in the 2016 list

Credentials of 32 Million Twitter Accounts Go on Sale on the Dark Web

Online security is one big issue and the accounts we register usually are secured with passwords. Since some of these accounts are personal, breaching...

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