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Galaxy Pocket vs Nokia 311 vs Huawei U8180 vs LG L3

Specifications comparison between Galaxy Pocket, LG L3, Huawei Gaga and Nokia 311

Emerging markets like Africa, South America and India have been having a steady growth in mobile use, most of phone manufacturers who develop on...
Galaxy Pocket

The cat is officially out of the bag, curtains drawn for Galaxy Pocket [UPDATED]

Its another Era, you can tell by the air in the smartphones world. The barrier to entry for a reliable smartphones have been lowered...
Samsung Galaxy pocket

And the fight for entry level Android devices has gone bare knuckles

Entry level Android device of the times title has always gone to the Huawei Ideos U8150 which made the smartphone numbers skyrocket in Kenya...
Samsung Qool S5270K

Samsung answers #letsqwerty with a 3G feature phone for 6900 bob

Its cut-throat out there! You have to agree with  me. Samsung, from ousting Nokia from their 14 year throne as King of mobile device...