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Google hum

Google New Feature Will Identify a Song By Letting You Hum

Google has announced a feature that we have always wanted when we want to remember an earworm stuck in your heads. The company has announced...

Inventor of The Web Fires Cannons Against Tech Giants While Instagram Founders Unfriend Mark Zuckerberg

Instagram's Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger unfriend Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Kevin and Mike called it quits on the photo-sharing platform which they founded in 2010 and...
Facebook has a shazaming feature

Facebook has a “Shazaming” Feature you may not have known of

You may have ignored this in the past but some apps in your phone usually have ridiculously long permissions on some of your phone...

Shazam Now Lets You Use A Camera To Discover Everything

Shazam has added Augmented reality features to its popular audio recognition technology  called Visual Shazam that offers users an interactive experience through scanning various...