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How to Re-activate a SIM Card That Has Been Switched Off

As promised, ICT regulator the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) had directed telcos to switch off SIM cards that had not been registered -...

A Perspective To The Rise Of SIM Card Re-registration

The SIM card registration or re-registration exercise has been an issue among millions of Kenyans. It is a process that is not limited to...
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How to Check and Report Safaricom, Airtel Numbers Illegally Registered Using Your Credentials

Cases of people's ID numbers being used to register SIM cards without their knowledge have been on the rise. Partly, this is due to...
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Telcos Are Still Unable to Crush Illegal SIM Card Registration

People have found themselves in trouble for using SIM cards that are not registered using their credentials. This is a big issue that has been...

Kenya’s CA Directs Operators to Switch Off Irregularly-Registered SIM Cards

The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) was created to oversee several ICT-related functions. One of such tasks is ensuring that mobile operators comply with...
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SIM Card Prices to hike by 5000% in Indonesia; Government initiative

Indonesian technology has started going through some retrogression as the country's Telecommunication Regulatory Body takes a step back to reduce the rate at which...