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The Messy Inbetween Podcast

Kenya Podcasters Set to Benefit from Spotify’s KES 12 Million Investment in Africa

Over its launch across Africa, music streaming platform Spotify has demonstrated its commitment to growing the careers of African creators through on- and off-platform...
Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Joe Rogan Threatens to Quit His Spotify Podcast Deal

Joe Rogan is threatening to quit his Spotify-exclusive podcast deal with the streaming giant for his Joe Rogan Experience. Both Joe Rogan and Spotify have...

Spotify Adds TikTok-Style Vertical Scrolling To Its Podcasts Feed

TikTok and its algorithmic feed is so hot right now and every app wants to copy its features. The latest app is Spotify which...

Spotify Rivals Barely Grow Despite Joe Rogan Controversy

It's been a PR disaster for Spotify these past couple of weeks thanks to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The JRE has been the...
Spotify Your Daily Podcasts

Spotify to Add Content Advisories to Podcast Episodes That Discuss COVID-19

Spotify has in the past few days come under intense criticism regarding how they handled misinformation shared on the Joe Rogan Experience(JRE) podcast. This...

YouTube Is The Best Platform To Consume Podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I watch a lot of YouTube videos. So when my favourite YouTubers started hosting podcasts on the...

Podcast Triple Threat: Apple, Spotify and Now Facebook

The podcast scene is getting heated up. Spotify, Apple and Facebook are getting increasingly involved in the whole business including hosting, subscriptions, ads and...

Facebook Ventures Into Podcasts, Begins Working On Its Own In-app Player

Facebook is going on all in on audio right as Clubhouse's reign is coming down. Just last week, the tech giant announced new products...