MTN Y'ello talk

MTN Business Kenya becomes the first provider to offer Teams Direct Routing

In an era where technology is dynamically growing, business professionals seek the need to modify and enhance unified communications within their organizational infrastructure. Throw...
SEACOM repair

Recent Poor Internet Connections in Kenya Linked to Faulty Undersea Cables in West Africa

The past two or three days have been marked by poor internet connections as reported by many people across various social media channels. The...

SEACOM’s Subsea Cable is Experiencing an Outage, Hope You’re Ready For Slow Internet

What a way to start the week huh? Less than 12 hours ago, SEACOM announced that they are experiencing a service-affecting outage on Segment...

Brace Yourselves: TEAMS Cable to Go Down For an Entire Week

The East African Marine System (TEAMS CABLE) has today announced a scheduled, preventive maintenance works which will lead to a downtime of close to...

Safaricom Now Owns Over 30% of TEAMs Cable After Yu Sells its Stake

Safaricom now owns a 32.5% stake in the TEAMs (The East Africa Marine System) fibre cable. The telecomm operator increased its shareholding in the...
Safaricom 42Mbps

Safaricom announces increase in 3G speeds upto 42Mbps

Safaricom has been the pioneer in most inventions in the mobile carriers sector for a long time now. Some of the notable milestones include...

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