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What Do Easy Taxi Price Changes Mean For the Kenyan Cab Users?

The transport industry in Kenya has changed a lot over the years. Public transport now boasts of things like free Wi-Fi onboard and of...
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Uber Testing Cash Payments in India

Uber has begun taking cash payments in India, a first among its mainstream services, whose primary mode of payment has been credit cards or...
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Uber Bids $3 Billion For Nokia’s HERE Maps

Everyone wants a piece of the Nokia Here Maps. Nokia HERE Maps is the remaining piece of the pie of Nokia, having sold its...

Uber Music? Britney Spears Debuts New Track To Uber Riders

Uber, the ride sharing service has been diversifying into different spheres. Last week, it debuted  a food delivery services in the cities of Barcelona and...

Uber Offices Raided By Authorities In China

Chinese police officers stormed into Uber's offices in Guangzhou as the company stands accused of operating illegally in the city. During the raid,...
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Uber opts for Cash With New Rickshaw Service in India

Uber has announced the launch of UberAuto in Dehli, India,which targets the city's three-wheeled rickshaws. Uber now has four services in India which include...
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Uber Faces New Challenges With Hacking Reports

Uber continues to experience a myriad of challenges ranging from opposition to its UberPop or UberX service in various countries and resistance by Taxi...
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I Used An Uber Cab, Find Out Whether You Should

Simon Wamahiu started driving a taxi 6 years ago.  He was popular with customers. Being a cab driver was however not gratifying or lucrative...