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Why Uber slashed its Prices by 35% in Nairobi

A few weeks back, Safaricom launched Little Cabs, a taxi hailing service  in collaboration with Craft Silicon. Little Cabs , was meant to cut...
little slashes basic cab option

What Next for Small Players in Kenya’s Taxi Hailing Business?

The Kenyan taxi hailing space has been heating up with the entry of new players by the day. What factors will decide the winners going forward?

Uber launches in Thika, its 3rd City in Kenya

Uber launched in Nairobi in January 2015, and the service became a hit among the expatriate community and Nairobi’s tech savvy users. The service...
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Uber Will Soon Let You Book a Ride in Advance

Uber has announced a major change to how you hail cabs on its famous location based platform: You will now be able to schedule...

Uber Launches Operations in Accra, its 8th City in Sub-Saharan Africa

Uber has been rapidly expanding in Sub-Sahara Africa and currently operates in 8 cities in 5 Sub-Saharan Africa nations.  Just last week, Uber launched...

Uber Riders Who Make Drivers Wait Over 2 minutes Will Now Be Fined

Uber has today announced a raft of new measures aimed at improving the experience for its driver partners. The moves include driver destinations, where...

Uber users in Kampala will get 4 days of Free Rides following Launch

A while back, we told you that Uber was  planning to venture into three Sub-Saharan markets of Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda.  The taxi hailing service...

Uber in Kshs 10 Billion Asset Financing Deal with Sidian Bank to allow its Drivers Buy Vehicles

Uber launched operations in Kenya about 15 months ago and has made significant inroads in the market including growing its  presence in two cities....

Nairobi Tech Spaces: Nairobi Garage // Westlands

Nairobi, a city known for its catastrophic traffic, fast paced dwellers, and home grown national park is most importantly growing a reputation of being...

Uber’s original free ride offer is back after slashing it by half a while ago

Uber, the popular taxi hailing service has one strategy that has attracted a lot of users on their platform: Free rides. This varies from...
Uber promo code for Nairobi

Uber is offering a discount on rides in Nairobi this weekend.

Uber, the global taxi hailing service has been a force in recent times and has shaken the taxi industry since its formation way back...

Uber Kenya is partnering with WEEE Centre to get rid of e-waste on Earth Day

Earth Day is on April 22nd and it is the day people from around the world support environmental protection efforts in a bid to...

Six to Face Attempted Murder Charges over Attacks on Uber Driver in Nairobi

Earlier this year, taxi drivers in Nairobi launched attacks against Uber driver partners. The  drivers were protesting increasing  competition from the taxi hailing service....

Kenya’s Pewin Cabs Application an Example of a Well Thought Out Application

Pewin is a cab company started by a couple back in 2008 that has been pretty successful in the taxi industry. They have had...

Uber’s new feature will allow you to pay for someone’s ride from your account

Uber, the widely known taxi hailing service is less than a decade old but has totally revolutionized how we use taxis. The benefits have...

Google to Add Dedicated Tab for Ride Sharing Services on Maps App

Google will soon start rolling out new versions of Google Maps, its maps, transit and navigation service, to users of its mobile apps on...

Uber to launch in Ghana, Uganda & Tanzania as Nairobi hits 100,000 Monthly Users

This week, we told you that Uber was set to launch operations in Mombasa, marking the second city of operation in Kenya.  Uber operates...
Lady Justice

The Regulatory Arbitrage that is Today’s Tech Businesses

The internet is arguably one of the best, if not the best creation of humanity. The opportunities that have been created and those yet...
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Making Sense of Uber vs. Regular Taxi Hullabaloo in Kenya

It has been all over the news over the last couple of weeks. Regular taxi operators are complaining that Uber cabs are ‘ruining’ their existing...

Taxi Drivers Aren’t The Only People Who Should Be Angry About Uber

Uber has been a point of contention for the past couple of weeks due to the ‘eruption’ of the growing anger of people in...

Taxi Drivers in Nairobi to hold Protests in 7 days if Uber fails to Exit Market

The contretemps between taxi drivers and Uber partners in Nairobi continue to escalate. Earlier in the week, we told you of growing dissent among local...

Taxi Drivers attacks against Uber in Nairobi now Escalating

Uber launched in Nairobi in January 2015, and the service became a hit among the expatriate community and Nairobi’s tech savvy users. The taxi...

Taxi Drivers in France still Protesting Uber’s Disruption

This week, local newspaper Business Daily carried reports that taxi drivers in Kenya were protesting the disruption of their business by taxi hailing service...

Hailing Uber rides from Facebook Messenger has become a reality

Uber, the famous taxi hailing service has become the norm in a lot of cities in the world, including Nairobi and has simplified hailing...

China now Contributes 30% of Uber’s Total Rides

Uber, the San Fransisco based ride hailing app has been keen on conquering the Chinese market. The company launched operations in China in 2013...

Uber Protests Regulations Classifying the Service as a Taxi Operator in Brazil

In September,  Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff criticized the service for causing unemployment.  The president also called for the regulation of the service owing to...
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Uber Offices in Hong Kong searched by Authorities, with Five Drivers arrested

Earlier in the year, Chinese authorities raided Uber offices in Guangzhou as the company stands accused of operating illegally in the city. During the...

Uber to Bolster Driver Vetting after Sexual Assault incident in the U.S

Earlier this year, an incident in India made Uber to overhaul how it recruits Uber drivers , which they refer to as Uber partners....

Uber Kenya Launches App Version Targeting Deaf Drivers

Uber launched in Nairobi in January 2015, and the service became a hit among the expatriate community and Nairobi’s tech savvy users. At the...

Why it is Hard Getting an Uber in Nairobi Central Business District

Ever tried hailing an Uber ride in Nairobi CBD? Yes? Well, me too. Did you actually get a ride immediately? No? Well, me too....

German Car-makers Close to Inking Deal to Buy Nokia’s HERE Maps

Ever since it announced that it had entered into an agreement with rival Alcatel-Lucent to buy it for $16.6 billion, Nokia has been on...

European Court To Determine If Uber Is A Transport Or A Digital Service

A court in Barcelona has referred a case about Uber to the highest court in Europe, the European Court of Justice, seeking a determination...

Uber’s Competitor in India, Ola Cabs Hacked

Uber's major competitor in India, Ola cabs suffered a security breach after being hacked by a hacker group called Team Unknown. The hacker group...

Uber Now Testing Cash Payments, Mobile Money In Nairobi

Uber launched in Nairobi in January 2015, and the service become a hit among the expat community and Nairobi's tech savvy users. Despite the...

An Uber Kenya User Encountered Rogue Driver, What’s Your Experience?

Ciru (@WanjiruWainaina) took to Twitter to lament her inhuman treatment at the hands of an Uber Kenya driver. After these tweets, Uber Kenya refunded her money and issued an apology.