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Check out these 7 key tips and tricks for Uber riders

Uber changed the game in private car hire, and their product is used extensively across the globe. Competing services have come up to replace...
Uber Saudi Arabia

Uber Subtly Contributed to Saudi Arabia’s Move that Allows Women to Drive, Finally

Let’s admit that Uber is a giant corporation owing to its presence in key markets around the globe. Since its inception some time in...

Violent Driver-Partners Risk Expulsion from Uber Kenya

  Taxi apps brought disruption in the riding business at a time when people who were accustomed to the traditional system were not ready to...

Uber Reverses Disturbing Post-Trip Tracking Feature

Taxi-hailing giant Uber will roll back an update it deployed a couple of months ago where the app is set to collect user location...

Uber’s Board Goes for Expedia’s Dara Khosrowshahi as New CEO

After a long search and turbulent walk without a head, Uber's board has finally settled on Kalanick's successor. The company has been in the...

These Uber Updates are What Drivers Have Been Asking For

Uber is sending a number of updates to its app to give drivers more flexibility and choice when carrying out their duties. These updates...

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Faults Benchmark’s Suit as a Personal Attack

A couple of days ago, former Uber CEO Mr. Travis Kalanick was sued by Benchmark Capital Partners for breach of contract, fraud (benchmark alleges...
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Uber Investors Want Benchmark Capital Off the Board

It has been a little over 24 hours since news broke that Benchmark Capital, an early investor in Uber, was suing the company's founder and...
Travis Kalanick

Benchmark Capital Sues Uber’s Former CEO Travis Kalanick for Fraud

Benchmark Capital, which owns approximately 13-percent of Uber, has sued the company's founder and former CEO, Travis Kalanick for fraud, breach of contract and...

Uber Rolling Out In-App Chat Between Riders and Drivers

Uber is currently rolling out a new feature that will allow drivers and riders to chat from within the app. Initially, riders and drivers...

Didi Chuxing Takes on Uber, Invests in Taxify to Intensify Regional Expansion

Taxify is looking forward to expanding its taxi-hailing business in Africa and Asia after making a deal with Didi Chuxing, a Chinese taxi organization...
Taxify app

Taxify Slightly Discounts its Nairobi Prices, At Least For Now

The taxi hailing market in Kenya is a heaven for consumers but a headache for the different brands trying to lure in more users...

Uber Kenya Declares Stand on Taxi Coitus in New Guidelines

Uber’s questionable internal affairs, including a lax human resource department and sexual harassment cases that were brought to light by Susan Fowler, a former...
Uber real time Id check

Uber Will Now Require Drivers Take Selfies As A Security Measure In Kenya

Uber has finally rolled out this security feature in Kenya

Uber’s Latest Update Will Let You Officially Order an Uber for Someone Else

We have all done it before, ordering an Uber for someone else. It seems like Uber knows that this has been happening and they...
Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick Steps Down as Uber’s CEO

Travis Kalanick has resigned his post as CEO of Uber. Kalanick is one of the key founders of the taxi-hailing organization that launched its...

[Update: CEO Kalanick Takes Leave of Absence] Uber’s Top Leadership is Marred By Far Too Many Sexual Harassment Accusations

Taxi-hailing organization, Uber, has been undergoing through tough times in the recent past thanks to its internal squabbles and gender discrimination/sexual harassment issues. The...
Uber Snapchat filter

Uber Integrates Special Snapchat Filters For Riders In East Africa On The App

Using Snapchat filters right within the Uber app is a reality on riders in East Africa
Uber Freight

Uber Joins the Race To Conquer Trucking Business with Uber Freight

Uber is a tremendously successful transportation network company. After starting its business in 2009 with its popular taxi-hailing app, the company has been trying...

Imminent Ruling Could Force Uber to Get New Operating License in Europe

Uber has had its fair share of legal troubles in Europe, and the issues seem not to have halted thanks to regulators in the...

UberEATS Launches In Mumbai, India And Will Cover Five Other Cities Later On

UberEATS has been launched in India, which is its fourth market (after Singapore, Japan and Thailand) in Asia.
Toyota Vitz Uber

Uber Kenya Backtracks on New Cars Rule With Introduction of Low Cost Product

Uber introduces low cost rides with 1000cc cars and older cars to deal with lower cost rivals in Kenya.
White Hat Hacking

Companies Are Popularizing White Hat Hacking – And It’s Lucrative

White hat or ethical hacking, which involves the application of penetration methodologies to gauge a company’s IT security and susceptibility to vulnerabilities, is being...

NewsCar Could Be the Uber for News

Startup NewsCar purposes to use Uber’s popularity to provide real-time news footage leveraging Uber drivers' availability nearly everywhere news can happen.
Taxi Hailing apps Kenya

Price Comparison Between Uber, Taxify, Little Cab, Mondo Ride And MaraMoja

Uber raised their fare prices today and now we can compare their new prices with the ones being offered by its competitors.

Uber Kenya Revises Fares Upwards, Starting Thursday Morning

Uber Kenya has made changes to the fare price in Nairobi and Mombasa which will be effected from the morning of Thursday 16th May.
Uber strike

Kenyans Paint Gloomy Picture of Kenyan Uber Drivers’ Strike

Uber came to Kenya, more accurately in Nairobi, in late January 2015 and they initiated the taxi hailing service revolution in the country. They...

Self-Driving Cars Should Not Excite You, Not Yet

Self-driving cars are a reality, companies such as Tesla and Google have been at the fore front pushing for this technology. We already have...

Google Maps Aims To Be The Easiest Way To Hail An Uber

Google's new update for Maps ensures that you'd never want to use Uber Again

Uber Announces Redesigned Mobile Apps That Feature Machine Learning And More

Uber has announced a redesigned user interface for its mobile apps which include several new features.

Kenya Revenue Authority exempts Hailing Services from VAT payments, Owners to bear Burden

This move may prove unpopular with traditional taxi owners

You can now Schedule Your Uber Ride in Kenya

Uber in Nairobi in January 2015, and the service has is now quite popular among users. Uber has so far completed over 1 Million rides...

Uber and Rival, Careem Suspend Services in Abu Dhabi

Uber and its rival Careem have suspended services in the Capital of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi following clashes with regulators. The two have...

Uber Users can Now Dial an Uber in India

A few weeks back, Uber announced it was exiting its operations in China by selling them to its main rival Didi Chuaxing. The strategic...