Uber Will Charge Waiting Fees On Kenyan Riders

You will be charged after 5 minutes of waiting

uber kenya

Uber has been operational in Kenya for the last two years and they have become synonymous with taxi hailing services in the country. You can either pay via card or cash and if you cancel the ride, you get charged.

However, it also comes a time when you hail a cab, you end up making the driver wait for you before entering the cab and starting the journey. Well, from now on you will be paying, as Business Daily reports.

Uber will now charge a waiting fee on its riders which will compensate drivers who are made to wait for riders for lengthy periods.

“The waiting charges will be added to the receipt when an upfront fare is quoted and when there is a surge, the wait time fees will increase as well,” Uber East Africa spokesperson, Janet Kemboi was quoted as saying. “These are all changes that driver-partners have requested, and we hope that you enjoy the next leg of this smoother journey.”

The waiting charges will be applied after the allowed first five minutes of waiting, where you will get a notification of the per minute charge thereof.

This will definitely increase your total fare but it is a move to make sure that you are psychologically made to hurry up lest your fare is increased.

This move also comes a month after Uber introduced UberSELECT in Nairobi, which is an alternative to the already familiar UberX where you can select cabs with highly rated drivers.


  1. This will probably help women to save time when calling for an Uber. I remember asking my sister are you ready we call a taxi. She said yes and by the time the taxi guy arrived, it took us nearly 40 minutes juu amesahau sijui nini na nini na nini. Had to add the guy some “waiting fees” token for that huge inconvenience.

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