These Uber Updates are What Drivers Have Been Asking For


Uber is sending a number of updates to its app to give drivers more flexibility and choice when carrying out their duties. These updates are part of Uber’s 180 Days of Change program, which was started on June 20, 2017. Primarily, the program is meant to enhance driving experience that will be accompanied by large and not-so-large changes based on requests made by drivers. It should be noted that these changes are not limited to the 180-day window because the taxi-hailing company will continue improving its platform afterward.

Now, drivers will have more than 6 driver destinations in a day, which is a huge boost from 2 destinations. At the same time, these destinations can be scheduled according to a driver’s choice rather than setting them immediately. The implication here is that drivers will have more flexibility in terms of rides offered to a given place. You see, drivers couldn’t pick riders on a set route upon exhausting 2 driver destination points. More destination points translate to route optimization.

Secondly, drivers will be able to set the expected time of arrival for each destination. Ideally, this will should help drivers get to certain places when they need to be there – on time.

Another welcome addition is a notification feature for long trips. Previously, drivers could not tell how long a trip could take (until when a trip starts), so a notification before picking up a customer is a nice plus. I’m fairly certain that several people have experienced this issue where distances are exaggerated or otherwise. Only the driver will be alerted of such trips (those that take more than 45 minutes), but they will not see a rider’s destination.

Perhaps the most important update is based trip selection. Drivers will be able to choose trips they deem favourable and reject those they do not want.

Uber says more updates will be dropped in coming days.


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