NewsCar Could Be the Uber for News

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Start-up ideas are unlimited. This is because of the dynamic nature of services and needs; several ways can be employed to meet them, and the difference in those ways manifest themselves in deployment and efficiency. For instance, you can choose taxi services from Uber, Little Cab, among others. Notably, your choice will based on the service that best meets your needs.

One of such start-ups is NewsCar that intends to change how news are delivered to media houses. Ideally, NewsCar purposes to use Uber’s popularity to provide real-time news footage. Uber operations are available in several cities, so in case something news-worthy is in progress, networks can be directed to the scene of interest.

This will be done by the application’s feature that uses global positioning system to live track drivers and establish their proximity to areas of interest. Upon arrival, high-quality footage will be recorded using the NewsCar’s smartphone app, and driver will receive payment from the network immediately. Proceeds will depend on the amount of time spent on the scene, and the start-up will pocket a 30% commission.

Adam Walters, a veteran TV journalist, is spearheading the success of the start-up, which is intended to go live this month. Walters is bothered by the under-utilization of cameras, such as those on streets or in people’s pockets.

The start-up has another service up its sleeve referred to as NewsCar Pro that will target professional videographers for the same services of availing professional footage for networks.

However, some issues are yet to be tackled satisfactorily. To begin with, there is no word on whether the start-up will offer training services to those who will be interested in the idea. Secondly, there is a gray area on crime reporting since it is highly unlikely that the police will allow Uber drivers or any other civilian to access such scenes.

The U.S., Canada, and the UK. Will be the first markets to be graced by NewsCar. If successful, the start-up will service several newsrooms and the photography departments.

SOURCEFinancial Review
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