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passwords thing of the past

Passwords Could Be a Thing of The Past Thanks To This New Web Standard

Passwords have been with us for a long time and they are the de facto way for us to secure our online accounts. However,...
google allo web

Google Allo is Now Available on Web, Works Like WhatsApp Web

Looks so similar to WhatsApp Web

Periscope Web Got A Major Refresh

Periscope has given some love to their web version of the mobile app with some important enhancements
whatsapp web

WhatsApp Web has been updated to let you share documents

WhatsApp for Web has been with us for a while now and it was an attempt by the company to bring the service to...

Instagram for Web has been updated yet again

Instagram is on a roll this past week. We have been lamenting how web apps are usually neglected when compared to the Android or...
Instagram for Web

Instagram for Web has been updated with a feature from the mobile app

Modern social apps are usually mobile first thanks to the increased use of smartphones and the decade versions are only given a handful of...
Twitter homepage

Twitter for Web has been updated for you to follow conversations better

One of the most unique things you encounter on Twitter are tweetstorms. If you don't know what that means, they are threaded tweets made...

You can now hide your Tumblr blog from the web

Privacy is one of the main concerns people talk about on the Internet. This is why internet companies have gone all the way to...

Instagram’s Web Client Finally Gets Crucial Search Button

Instagram has been continuously updating the desktop client so as to be at par with the mobile apps and this latest iteration is...
search results

10 critical features to look out for when getting a website

Am writing this article with the web designer and website owner in mind. You probably own a website, are planning to own one, or...