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5 Ways to Market Your New Small Business Website Online

Five most effective and affordable marketing channels to market your small business website online.
website trolls trump from typo

This Website That Trolls Trump Was Born From a Typo

Social networking sites are popular for various reasons and sometimes one of the reason is that you find gems from time to time thanks...

You Will Now Be Able to Initiate a Twitter DM From A Publisher’s Website

  Social networks like Twitter usually have embedded buttons which allow  publishers add to their website for a variety of functions. The common ones include...
help kenya but not kanye

This pun-filled website wants you to help Kenya and not Kanye

Kanye West has been on a tweeting spree before he launched his new album over  a week ago. It featured random thoughts, twitter rants,...

Self Confessed Avocado Fanatic Creates Website to net Valentine’s Date

You know, it is that time of the year when love is in the air  and cupid is busy randomly shooting his laced arrows...

This Lady Decided to Bring Emoji to Life Using Photography

People are obsessed with emoji, They are using them as passwords, in movies,  making programming languages out of them, using them in press...

Occupy HTML Movement pleading to its users

This could be the Web uprising that may define the future web standards. After the creation of the Occupy Flash, here come ups the...

The coming of WordPress 3.3

What could you have thought about the next Wordpress release version? Wordpress 3.3 is due to be released on 29th 2011. It has awesome features...
web design

Now Build Your Web Design With Professional Web Design Services

It may be difficult for you to conceive a web design for your own online business, and one of the available options may be...

What’s better when dealing with a multilingual website?

I had a recent experience with a client whose website visitors are from several countries. The website owner's clients are mainly English and German....

5 Factors to look out for when buying a domain

Before getting your website online you need to get a good domain. This process can determine if you will have a successful website or...
virtual city

Virtual City at it again, bags Global Award

Virtual City - a homegrown technology solutions company has bagged yet another global award for its prowess in innovation. This time – the recognition was...
Waiting on a client

What Coca cola can teach you about your website

As I was seated at Creamy Inn, Valley Arcade, sipping my white creamy Chaywa waiting on this client, i had a chance to make...

Tips on Choosing the best Domain

If you have a dream of having an online business, probably choosing the right domain is likely to be the most basic and significant...
who's among us

Want to know how many people are online in your site

Website statistics are very important information in everyday website use, that is if you own a website. If you get a detailed info of...