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The Unforgiving Smartphone Market of Kenya

Most people consider their choice of smartphones an intimate affair. Nowadays, we spend more time on our phones than with actual human beings. This...

British Smartphone Maker Wileyfox Runs Into Financial Troubles

Things seem to have hit rock bottom, as a former Wileyfox employee took it to Reddit to announce that the company was under administration.

Wileyfox Unveils 3 New Smartphones: Spark, Spark+ and Spark X

As expected, Wileyfox has today officially unveiled its latest smartphones. The three devices, the Wileyfox Spark, Wileyfox Spark+ and Spark X will pick up from...

Wileyfox to Unveil New Smartphones on June 28th

British smartphone brand Wileyfox is set to announce a new set of smartphones in a week's time at an event in London. The company...

Wileyfox Storm: Making the Hard Case for Cyanogen OS

‘Wily’ is a term that can only be used to describe one animal, the fox whose head is beautifully engraved at the back of...

Wileyfox Swift Gets Android Marshmallow Through Cyanogen OS Version 13 Update

Wileyfox Swift, one of the two Wileyfox smartphones that are selling in Kenya, is now getting the Android Marshmallow treatment. Through an update to Cyanogen OS...

UK Smartphone Brand Wileyfox Enters the Kenyan Market with Two Cyanogen OS Devices

You may not have heard much about them or even ever heard about them at all but Wileyfox, a United Kingdom company, is in...

Cyanogen to Go After Google’s Android One Program with New Affordable Smartphones

Cyanogen made its name as an Android fork. That is to mean that in its early days, it started out as an outlet that...

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