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Microsoft to Stop Sending Security Updates to These Two Windows Operating Systems

As is tradition to cut off some people each new year, tech giant Microsoft is doing the same for two of its Windows Operating...

Windows 7 Users Still Don’t Want to Upgrade to Windows 10

It is almost 4 years since we got Windows 10 and it was a step in the right direction compared to the mess that...

How to Get Back the Windows 7 Style Start Menu in Windows 10

According to market research firm Brandwatch, the start menu in Windows 10 is one of the most loved features by users. It comes in...
Windows 10

Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 Pricing for Non Windows 7 and 8 Users

June 1st 2015 has seen a flurry of activity from Microsoft regarding Windows 10. The software titan from Redmond announced that Windows 10 will...
Get Windows 10 App

How To Reserve Your Free Upgrade with the Get Windows 10 App

Earlier today Microsoft announced that the global launch date of Windows 10 will be on July 29th 2015. However, if you are running a...

Microsoft admits to Windows 8 UX fail, promises changes soon

It's Windows Vista all over again. Microsoft through their Head of marketing and Finance Tami Reller is said to have admitted that Windows 8...
Office 2013 preview

Office 2013 ushers in the New Age of Software Delivery

After installing Office2013 on both Windows 8 and Windows 7, I have to say it's a fantastic upgrade. If you haven't got it yet,...

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