Switch off your computer when Idle


The reason i wrote this post is as a result of my habit. Leaving my laptop in sleep mode.This mostly results in slower perfomance of the computer. I find that turning off my computer is almost necessary during the night. A computer should be turned off at night for a couple of reasons. The first is that it saves energy. The second is that it helps to cool off parts of the system and make your computer last longer.

A computer often draws a variable amount of power. During peak usage, the amount can be 250 watt according to michaelbluejay.com. Even when idling a computer can consume alot of energy over a period of time. This energy not only goes into the computer but it also has to come out. Certain smaller rooms may feel a significant increase of temperature due to a computer. Thus leaving a computer on for a long time may be detrimental to your room’s temperature and energy bill.

Another reason why a computer should be turned off during the night increases the longevity of the components of the computer. This may not seem big but it does require alot of energy to leave a computer on for a long period of time. During this time, even though the computer is doing little work, it is still running processes and using the fans to stay cool. Over time all things wear out and this is troublesome for computer users who do not wish to buy new computers. Turning off your computer is a great way to keep your parts from degrading too quickly.

A computer should be shut down often so that it has a chance to cool down, and will help to keep your computer young and fit. Not only that, it does help to save money. The amount of power that your computer can end up being significant and shutting down a computer does not take too much effort. A computer will last longer if you shut it down.


  1. Wow, no wonder my laptop is slow in executing commands, i have been closing it without shutting it down, just restarted it and was surprised at the change. Thanx Martin

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