Safaricom Double Bonga points is back

bonga points rewards
Safaricom Bonga points

Kenyan mobile services provider, Safaricom, has re-introduced double rewards for their Bonga Points Customer reward scheme. As a user you will be able to get rewards everytime you use their service, i.e:-
Surf the internet
And now also available for M-pesa transactions
This promotion will be on from 2nd June to 30th June 2010
This promotion is open to both Safaricom Post pay and Pre-pay safaricom subscribers who have enrolled to their Bonga points rewards scheme. By default, all safaricom customers will earn double bonga points for every 10 shillings used for calls, sms, m-pesa and internet use. For you to earn bonga points on m-pesa you must be registered for M-PESA and Bonga Points.
For a transaction to qualify for double bonga points, you will have to either:-
-Send Money
-Withdraw Cash
-Pay a bill or
-Do an ATM withdrawal
Safaricom will communicate to its users of any other ways you may qualify.


  1. this is one of the tricks that safcom is using to always keep its customers stuck to them,,… i wish i would quit safcom for good

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