Daily Nation Doing Budget live coverage via Twitter


One of Kenya’s Media Giant Daily Nation is doing live text updates of the Kenya Budget reading later today via twitter. This will be beneficial to a large number of Kenyans in Kenya and in the diaspora to get updated of the very important session of the year. The budget reading usually occurs at a time when most of the people are in the offices, hence wont be able to watch live screens of the budget reading on TV.

Here is a sample of the updates copied from the Daily Nation Website

15:15 Sh31.5bn to fund expansion in the energy sector, which include 5bn to fund rural electrification.

15:14 On energy, Mr Kenyatta says government will expand resources to acquire cheaper energy. ERC will review electricity tariffs with a view of making cost of power predictable.

15:12 Sh4.2bn to open up Kisumu as one of Kenya’s Vision 2030 towns.

15:10 Sh17.86bn allocated to improve Kenya’s road network.

15:08 Sh182bn allocated towards financing prioritised infrastructure projects.

15:07 Government has prioritised security projects to attract investments into the country. Mr Kenyatta says confident Kenyans will see fruits of investments soon

15:05 Severe penalties imposed on businesses involved in fraud.

15:04 He says Treasury will push for enactment of various bills, including Partnership Bill, to improve the business climate in the country.

15:03 Mr Kenyatta says Regulatory Bill, if enacted, will check unilateral and arbitrary costs of doing business.

15: 02 Savings form debt refinancing will be used to fund critical development projects.

15:00 Reduce domestic borrowing to a 38pc in 2010/2011. Government has developed a strategy on debt refinancing.

14: 59 He says there’s room for improvement of ministries spending within the financial year and urges tem to absorb 80pc of development monies.

14: 57 Directs KRA and Central Bank to carry out audit of forex bureaus and report to him by end of September.

14:55 Mr Kenyatta says tax evasion is an economic crime and government response will be swift and indicts forex bureaus of aiding the vice.

14:54 More needs to be done in tax compliance to ensure government meets its revenue target.

14: 53 Kenya fully committed to implement the EAC framework.

14: 52 Mr Kenyatta says government will prioritise infrastructural projects to drive economic growth.

14: 50 Low inflation at 5pc and expand economic opportunities for Kenyans.

14: 49 Framework will address unemployment among youths by promoting entrepreneurial skills.

14: 47 Kenya must maintain a high growth path and will implement strategic measures including accelerating privatisation, social sectors.


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