Jimmy Jump uses public stunts to drive t-shirt sale

jimmy jump

Jimmy Jump  whose name is Jaume Marquet i Cot (born 1974) is a pitch invader from SabadellCataloniaSpain, known for interfering in several major sporting events and in 2010, the Spanish performance in the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway. His most recent invasion was in the FIFA World Cup final 2010 in South Africa.

jimmy jumpThis dude uses Public pranks to drive t-shirt sales online, his website is a complete black page with a picture of his latest triumph over the FIFA security during south africa 2010 world cup. At his online store he has:

  1. Jimmy jump official t-shirt
  2. Jimmy Jump official t-shirt special edition (signed)
  3. New t-shirt jumping
  4. New t-shirt girl, and
  5. New t-shirt trainers

All these are selling at 40 euros(anybody knows the shortcut for the euro sign on the keyboard?) and can be delivered anywhere you want.

You can also contribute to pay the tickets for his next show and invasion prank. Would you buy his t-shirt?


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