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The SEO Smart Links Premium plug-in for WordPress has been released with an array of added features not found on the older free version of the software.

New features of SEO Smart Links Premium

Overall performance of the plug-in is enhanced by the implementation of a new content parsing algorithm that addresses the bugs in the previous version. The new algorithm is about three times than the free plug-in with improved capability in recognizing keywords and links and in dealing with difficult HTML code. The premium version is better suited for handling large websites than the earlier edition.

The automatic interlinking feature allows users to control which categories articles are automatically linked to, and the age in days of posts that should be parsed. Other interlinking features are the ability to match post slug keywords, minimum character length for keywords, WordPress 3.0 custom taxonomies and the ability to disable WordPress’s texturization feature.

SEO Smart Links Premium can also handle custom keywords more effectively with a special interface and automatic checking of plural forms of the keyword. Keyword inventories are now more easily exported with users able to select custom separators or use the default “|” separator. Custom keywords are imported and exported in .CSV format. Redirection with cloaking of affiliate links is supported.

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The user can also specify the maximum number of links that are created on any web page, which includes the original links already on the page in addition to those created by SEO Smart Links. Users can set up a base permalink for redirecting or cloaking affiliate URLS with the remainder of the link for each keyword specified in each case.

The premium SEO Smart Links plug-in is more customizable and versatile. Support is now available for foreign language blogs with the new UTF-8 recognition capability. Users can customize the HTML/CSS layout for the links created by SEO Smart Links specifying font characteristics, color, description and other design elements. Users can also control which domains use the “nofollow” attribute.

With the premium version, the caching feature is improved significantly again making this plug-in well-suited for larger sites as even with super fast broadband large Word Press sites can cause load time issues something which is now a part of SEO as well as user experience. The caching system is compatible with well-known caches like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

In addition, the premium version provides full statistics on plug-in activity allowing users to analyze how posts are interlinked and how keywords and links are used throughout the site. For example, you can discover the number of links that use specific keywords or which posts use these keywords. By clicking any statistical record, the user can see a detailed breakdown of the entry. SEO Smart Links Premium users have access to all future updates free after purchasing the application license.

Free version to be updated
In addition to the Business version of SEO Smart Links, further work is ongoing to upgrade the free version of the same WordPress plugin. The updated version will be compatible with newer WordPress versions and will fix bugs while introducing new features. The free version will continue to rely on support from the community forum.

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