Techweez job board

Techweez Job board

Techweez has introduced a Techweez jobs board. This will be open to anybody who has an outsourcing job they wish to advertise to the techies around.

The board is limited to tech jobs, these being programming, web development, web design, graphic design, System Analysis, SEO, Internet Marketing, Flash applications development, Animation, (2D and 3D), Social Media Management, Website management, Content writing, Data entry, Hardware, Networking and any other tech related jobs around.

We realized there are so many people searching for proffesionals in this area but lack an opening to list and find these professionals.

There will be full-time, part time and freelance jobs so if you are a techie with all resources in your house you will be able to browse through the available jobs and inquire about the one you are capable of tackling.


To post a job you will require a simple registration process to enable job seekers send you their resume and profile details direct to the mail you provide. You can list your company Logo and website on registration for better visibility.

Techweez Job board

The categories will be updated on request to our contact form on a need basis.


  1. thats great innovation bro. Apart from developing web content try integrating mobile phone content and applications into the web… great development though.

  2. Brilliant idea Martin! Now Infoken will be using the job board to publish the job available in the company! Keep up with the good ideas and innovations!

  3. Am glad 4ua website dat wil enable most jobseekers have access to your adverts.congrats.i am adip graduate IT and looking 4 a job if you get a vacany contact me.thex

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