Twitpic added a tweetbutton

twitpic tweetbutton

Are you a tweet freak. Love to share alot, and are also a tweep?(Tweep is the twitter vocab definition of a twitter account user) Well you will be tweeting pictures too.

Twitpic, plixi and many others are image sharing sites normally used by web users from their twitter account.


Well, so as i was browsing through this @geekmate tweep’s twitter account i landed on one image she had twitpicked *doesnt sound right, prolly twitpiced, eer no, whatever suits you* I saw a tweetbutton, and hadnt seen it for as long as i have been using twitpic.

Twitpic has been revamping their web interphase and this could be one of the value adding they are doing.

twitpic tweetbuttonHappy tweeting!

And yes, Nairobi Foursquare Users!!