Rescue of Shot elephant recorded on video


Paula Kahumbu, CEO of Wildlife Direct, an organization whose main aim is to provide support to conservationists in Africa online by blogging, happened to be in a visit to a newly started Galana Consevancy when she and others were told that 6 gunshots had been heard in the area.

The gunshots were heard several days earlier (an elephant is that strong! several days with a gunshot.I didnt know) and got information that there was an elephant in pain in the area. That was on a friday. The next day they took the task of finding the injured animal, and found him at 8 in the am. It was a bull elephant.

The video was recorded from the time they found the elephant in the banks of a river, as they tried to coax it to move to dry land on their side of the river.

They noted a wounds on both sides of the animal, the entry and exit of the bullet, i think thats a good sign since i bet treating of the animal is easier than extracting a bullet in the bowels. Thats when they called the Kenya Wildlife Service, who responded that the local veterinarian had returned to Nairobi. KWS apparently had arrived by the time the video was shot and the coaxing to prepare for treatment. This is a good way to raise awareness of the now returning threat to endangered species due to poaching.

On a light note, how do you record a clip of the elephant chasing you upon some recovery?

The full story can be found on the Wildlife Direct forum.