Analysing Nokia N9 buttons et al

Nokia N9

The Nokia N9 has no front facing buttons, unlike all other smartphones. That’s why Nokia calls it the first “pure touch phone” not even the home button. You unlock the screen by tapping the screen twice, and you swipe across to reveal other “pages” and menus. As i was looking through the image gallery of the press images released for Nokia N9, i came across something i hadnt noted. This is a cameraphone but doesnt have a camera button, led me to some speculation.Nokia N9
That one of the buttons on the side, a space which on other Nokia smartphones was occupied by the unlock button now has the camera button. Thats next to the volume/music buttons. This is odd, considering you take photos with the right hand and mostly use one hand when stretched out. It has an advantage though if you want to take a pic of yourself, you can now take it with your right hand. On other smartphones it poses some difficulty where you have to actually hold the phone either with the left hand or hold the phone with the hand behind it.Nokia N9 magento
And secondly, noticed no-one is talking of the power button, could it be the soft scab next to the 3.5 mm port? Now that we have both sides that actually have functional potrs ant buttons, the rest being a smooth pouch-like interface, where is HDMI? USB charger port could be hidden in the tucked enclosure on the top of the phone, and that could also host the usb connector too, that does away with the usual pin charger we are used to with Nokia.

Another question, does it fit in external memory? 16 Gb/64 gb memory is good, but never enough without moving data back and forth to other locations, and since the datasheet says there is no USB on the go, a minus there. I have issues with a phone that has no home button.

If you have used a smartphone there is a time it comes to defy odds and freezes, you are left with an option of the home button, unlock button on the side or you switch it off. In this case the option is only switching it off it that happens.