Nokia windows phone leak, and its not Sea Ray

Nokia WP7

Nokia is full of surprises, from announcing an amazing meego device they didnt want to talk about to making the same phone into the prototype of future windows based phones like sea ray. Now we have a video leak showing a windows phone being demoed, and its not the Nokia Sea Ray that Stephen Elop recently announced they would launch later this year.

The images here show a demo of a sleek phone, kinda like the first image we got of the Nokia windows phone.Nokia WP7
We see a very sleek, slim device, with a straight face and an arched back.

There is another device also in the video, that of a folding screen phone. A very apparently light phone that looks easy in the hand. windows phone
Nokia had promised earlier that they are making a market disruptor, could this be the device?

See the video below

Tell me what you think.