Yu launches 2 bob per hour data offer

yuMobile - 2bob per hour offer

Yumobile today launched  a 2 bob per hour offer. Yu dubbed the offer “Happy hour” where users will use internet all day all night for Kshs. 2 per hour on a per hour billing cycle. This means that if you surf for 1 and a half hour you will pay 4 bob. Yu says there are no subscription charges for this offer and all you have to to do is dial *242# and select the subscribe option to activate it.

yuMobile - 2bob per hour offer
yuMobile Country Manager Madhur Taneja (centre) and subscribers try out the new data offer on their handsets.

We have previously seen reduced rates for services coming from the mobile service provider yu. Previously the reductions were on the voice side and have gone to reduce their data offerings. Yu data is very well priced with the mobile data going for 2bob, modem data going for less than a shilling for bundle purchases and off bundle prices of 3 bob per mb. This is the lowest by any Kenyan standards, but I beg to ask the question, what are the guaranteed speeds?

We asked the same of Safaricom data offers that werent taking of the speeds on their unlimited bundles and they responded with upping their current offers. Could somebody at Yu tell us what comes with these great prices. Is there data connection consistency, are there speeds that look sensible for this day and age?





    • It will take very long to rule out cybers. Just coz Yu have launched a pricey product does not mean, 1. people will use it fully, 2. It will be a good product that will please all. Now cybers exist coz of the convenience they provide first and foremost, you cant do so many things on the go. So many people who have smartphones, have home/office internet still use cybers.

      • Its true that one can’t be able to print article on smartphones so they will need cybers and also you get tired from reading on the small screen! Do you offer post paid contract phones??

  1. Its true what you asked martin about the speed. Currently Kenyans are ready to spend good money on internet that has speed and consistency and of course good customer services!

  2. I think the first thing we need to know is that YU has not yet paid for 3G licence from CCK…..meaning they will be using GPRS and EDGE. These are remarkably slow platforms. Also…if you have a YU line…you must have realised that their network isn’t that stable….even their call networks is very patchy in the afternoon….. All in all, a clarification by a YU executive would rest our fears.

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