Samsung to opensource Bada OS next year

Bada OS
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Samsung will be in the news much more than you would expect, with both good and bad news. Dont know where this stands. After rumours that Samsung had intentions to buy Hp’s webOS and a later one of a meego purchase, both denied vehemently by Samsung, there is one worth thinking about. Samsung will try to counter the Google purchase of Motorola Mobility by open-sourcing its in-house Bada OS. Samsung has recently released smartphones on this OS and seems to want to push it further to minimise reliability on Google’s Android, which faces uncertain future after the Motorola mobility purchase.

The WSJ reports that the company has no plans to buy a software company, instead Samsung will reduce its reliance on the Android operating system and move into turning its Bada platform into a software suite capable of being used in smartphones and smart TVs – much like Google does currently with its smartphone, tablet and TV set-top box services.

So there you have it, Bada powered Samsung TVs, smart tvs?