WordCamp Kenya: What will be covered

wordcamp Kenya

The event is almost here, now a weekend plan! This is an event to look forward to, judging by the attendees I have come to learn, and the speakers, the venue, you have to trust it will be a fun event. And learning. Talk about bridging that gap that has been always missing, the brainstorming of what best practices to apply on WordPress to get optimum results in whatever we are doing with it.

Maybe you can even sell mandazi off it. Only one way to find out.

Anthony Mwangi: WordPress as a CMS

Anthony who is a WordPress theme developer and designer will take us through why he advocates WordPress as a CMS of choice. And why WordPress is so powerful that 22% of American websites are powered by WordPress, hell a bigger percentage of the clients on my website portfolio are WordPress based. Find out why in this session.

Moses Kemibaro: The African Blogging Journey

See, I told you the list of attendees is a fine one. This avid blogger will be taking us though his journey as the blogger. How he started, the options he had, the decision he made to join WordPress, why and how its a benefit that he did so. Upcoming bloggers are you ears? He will also share with us the question we so much yearn to get answers for: How to make money off blogging- the next level.

Boniface Mwangi: Photography Publishing and WordPress

A picture is worth a thousand words, know that popular phrase? Come join us while he talks about Picha Mtaani, video and photo projects, his journey all through. He will tell us how WordPress has made good of his work, and why it is his platform of choice.

Njeri Rionge: Monetization of your Blog

Njeri Rionge and Luca Neghesti(This guy will come all the way from Tanzania By the way) will dedicate this session to blog monetization. They will show us the difference between hobby bloggers and moneymakers, and how to cross the bridge. There will also be an open mic session here to discuss realistic ways to make money from Blogging in Kenya and Africa.

David Mugo: Africa and WordPress, Mobile Themes and Wp Mobile Apps

This is a very important session as it talks about ensuring that the intended readers are actually able to read your blog. It is said that 76% of African internet traffic is via mobile. Before you wipe that smile off your face thinking about how you read your blog via a smartphone, only 27% of the mobile internet users are smartphones. 27% How does this translate? Feature phones, wap phones. How do you ensure this big population access your blog? Your guess is as good as mine, to be discussed well in this session. He will also top that with mobile blogging. How many have ever blogged from their mobile phone?