Adobe Flash development on smartphone abandoned!


Spat between Late Steve Jobs and Adobe Flash is well-known among the tech-circle, surprisingly Adobe has dropped down their weapons and announced not to further develop the “Adobe Flash plug-in” for mobile devices anymore. According to the official blog-post announcing this Adobe is encouraging developers to use Adobe AIR and HTML5 in the future as alternatives to the Flash web-plugin.

As a HTML5 developer I am looking forward to what Adobe can do for HTML5 creation on mobile devices as many Flash developers are in shock of the announcement. Some of the questions that linger in my mind are like, will the HTML5 be able to provide features and capabilities that Flash is already providing and HTML5 cannot like 3D graphics and content protection for premium videos?

Developers were able to deliver high-end entertainment experiences as Flash based apps packaged via AIR on mobile platforms and within the browser on desktops. Adobe sees this as the right time to increase their focus on accelerating the development of HTML5 for in browser experiences, especially on mobile, and general purpose apps, while using Flash to drive what’s possible in advanced interactive entertainment areas like console-quality gaming and premium video so that it can continue to serve as a blueprint for further work on HTML.

Some of the effects Adobe may be face is more developers dropping Flash IDEs hence less sales as no developer would want to develop with a technology where they miss a tremendous growing number of mobile user worldwide just because they use a mobile device.

Personally, I ll say that HTML5 may be the future, but we should never forget the past.


      • He’d say “Look at me now”….now are you wondering like me, about those smartphone recently released, which had a strong point of having flash player, like Galaxy S 2?
        The tech world evolves so fast, you might just see some company take over development of flash, its so important, atleast thats what I believe.

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