Internet Solutions and Paynet Partner to launch Converged Solution


InfoconnectToday’s businesses are interlinked with several service providers such as information bureaus, financial institutions, GSM bulk messaging service providers and news bureaus. Due to this, the business requires data circuits to the data centers of the service providers in order to access these services. The data circuits could either be point to point links or IP tunnels across the internet. This has resulted in complex and expensive networks in terms of administration, management, support and the general operation creating huge operational overheads and consuming time and other resources which could otherwise be used in the expanding the business and providing better services to the clients.

It is this need  of minimising these costs to consumers that Internet Solutions and Paynet through a recently formed partnership, launch a converged solution jointly, named InfoConnect. InfoConnect, a managed solution, provides Information as a Service(IAAS), Software as a Service(SAAS) and Platform as a Service(PAAS) via Internet Solutions Managed infrastructure. And its the first time both firms are introducing the service to the country.

By adopting InfoConnect  into your business processes, your organization will reduce its operational costs in the ICT department, thus giving you the ability to use the funds  to expand the business or upgrade it, widen your customer base, you  will also be more effective in regards to time due to having a centralized system. Security is also guaranteed. Says Ron Webb Technical Director, Paynet.

Banking and financial institutions are interlinked with various bureaus and institutions to access specific services and content that provides business support and continuity. By enabling companies to reduce operational costs, InfoConnect will provide organizations with the opportunity to focus their human and financial resources to on other aspects of the business.

InfoConnect promises customer satisfaction while offering relevant, reliable and inexpensive services. The launch of the service is in line with organizations promise to deliver inventive services that meet the ever growing consumer demands.