Training with Messi, a Blackberry app that could get you a meetup with Messi

training with Messi

training with MessiAre you a football lover? Are you a Black berry user? Blackberry users have a chance to meet up with Lionel Messi after playing an interactive Blackberry smartphone based game Training with Messi. On the game you can accept a challenge to train with the Barcelona hero Lionel Messi. Ths game is available in English and Spanish languages. This is a social game that allows scores to be shown on the Training with Messi facebook fan page.

Enjoy the game and live a unique experience, you can participate in the contest to meet him in person during an event organized by Leo Messi Foundation.  Recommend the game to all your friends! The winner will receive a signed jersey and may eventake pictures with him! Don’t stay out of the opportunity to share a pleasant and unforgettable night with the biggest soccer star.  Start recommending now and you’ll have more chances to win!

The application was created by Leo Messi Foundation and Social Team, in order to fulfill a double dream: that thousands of fans get closer and play with their idol and, at the same time, to help improving the situation of thousands of children and adolescents in social risk worldwide. With this goal in mind, all funds collected with the application will be destined to support charity projects embraced by Leo Messi Foundation.