StarCraft 2 Taking Root in Kenya

starcraft 2

starcraft 2We got something cooking in the world of local online competitive gaming., is bringing together all StarCraft fans in Kenya through the third edition of the Safari Cup which will take place on the 10th and 11th of December 2011. Kalongo has an aim of nurturing and growing competitive gaming(e-sport) in Kenya, run by the gamers themselves. The Safari Cup is the first of its kind, being the only StarCraft 2 tournament in Kenya. The participants are comprised of past and present Kenyan StarCraft champions who are eager to make the tournament exciting and entertaining. This edition of the Safari Cup is also the first to have formal sponsors.

The sponsors are:

  •  DukaPress, a free and easy to use WordPress e-commerce system, owners cum developers are Kenyan. The plugin has assisted many start online shops with very basic knowledge of wordpress, or coding itself.
  • Jaza Resort which is a sanctuary of tranquility and conviviality that rejects the rigidity of mordern life. Its located in Naivasha, it embraces a warm casual atmosphere within African Simplicity, while it just takes in 40 pampered guests at a time, with majors on sports camping.

Stay tuned to for up to date information regarding the third edition of the Safari Cup.


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