Nokia fined for text spam in Australia, cue to Mobile carriers?

Nokia Australia spam fine

Nokia was fined by Australian Communications and Media Authority a sum of A$55,000($58,000) for sending clients tips without an opt out option. Customers were not provided with an option to unsubscribe to the tips text messages. Nokia apparently has had to cut short the whole sms marketing campaign in Australia and inplement it elsewhere while adding the unsubscribe option as required by law.Nokia Australia spam fine

“Some businesses are still not getting SMS marketing right. The same rules apply to SMS marketing as for email marketing, and the same rules apply to all businesses, big and small,” said Richard Bean, acting chairman of the authority.

This should sound a warning for Mobile service providers who continously spam their subscribers with promotional messages, some which are largely unwanted, and of-course unsolicited. Where are these lawmakers when we need them?

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